Frozen Langoustine

Frozen Langoustine, also know as Norway lobster, Dublin Bay prawn, Langoustino, and Scampi

Product: Frozen langoustine
Latin name: Nephrops norvegicus
Category: Frozen
Description: Langoustines also known as Norway lobster, scampi or Dublin Bay prawn. Langoustines are slim, orange-pink lobster which grows up to 25 cm (10 in) long. It lives in the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean, and parts of the Mediterranean Sea.
Production method: Wild Catch
Origin: Western Europe
Weight/Sizes: 4-10 per KG
10-20 per KG
20-30 per KG
30-40 per KG
Packaging : Polystyrene export boxes
Shipping method: Sea/Air
MOQ: 300 KG
Remarks: Available as tails, shell on and shell off

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